DR. A.H. RICHARDS defines Home Science “as a special subject dealing with income and expenditure of family, cleanliness of food, adequacy of clothing, proper choice of house, etc.”

Lady Irwin College of Home Science has defined it, “as a practical science, which makes the students to lead his family life successfully and solve social and economic problems easily and well.”

The lake Placid Association defines Home Science “as study of those principles, conditions and ideals which are concerned, on the one side, with immediate and physical environment of man and on the other, with his human nature”. This is very wide definition.

“Domestic Science is the application of scientific principles to the management of the home. It teaches the value of pure air, proper food, systematic management, economy, care of children, domestic and civil sanitation and the prevention of disease.


It calls for higher and higher ideals of home life and more respect for domestic occupations. In short it is a direct education for women as homemakers.

The management of the home has more to do with the moulding of character than any other influence, owing to the large place it fills in the life of the individual during the most plastic stage of development.”

Purpose of Study of Home Science

The purpose of Home Science is the creation of an environment and outlook which will encourage, motivate and enable the common man to live a richer and more purposeful family life.


Initially, it was considered that Home Science meant merely providing information on cooking and sewing. But in fact now it is the study of scientific principles applicable for the better management of the home.

Home making is an art and it has always been so. But with the impact of science on daily life, every sphere of home and its management is significantly and appreciably affected by knowledge and application of scientific principles. Therefore, Home Science has emerged today as a perfect blend of Arts and Science.

It can be said to be a study based of application in daily life of the basic sciences, the humanities and the fine arts. In other words, it is a body of systematized knowledge of organized experience of Art and Science that contributes towards building a happy home and family.