The importnace of study of Home Science in Daily Life are as follows:

I. The study of Home Science familiarizes us with the household problems and the ways to solve them.

II. Home science is an art and science. It teaches us to do all the household jobs in a systematic and scientific manner. For example, it teaches us not only to cook food, but also teaches how to provide nutritive food to all members of the family economically.

III. It also teaches us the art of managing jobs like cleanliness, washing of clothes, etc. by spending less time and energy. These days, the market is flooded by a large variety of garments. A student of home science can make proper selection and maintenance of these clothes.


IV. Home Science teaches us about the child development and human relationship. In child development, the students are taught about the physical, mental, social, and emotional development of the child. This knowledge helps us to know whether the child is growing at proper rate or not. The student learns to control his emotions and to adjust in the society well.

V. The study of Home Science helps us to become a conscious consumer so that we should know our duties and rights as a consumer and not easily exploited by the sellers.

VI. In earlier times, the duties of a housewife were confined to home only but these days because of modernization and socialization, she is also working outdoors. The knowledge of home science helps her to manage resources like time, energy, skill, interest, etc. efficiently so that she can do all the household chores along with her outdoor duties.