The housewives too are working, doing jobs to supplement family income. But everybody does not get job. Such jobless women can enhance their income by working at home. The study of Home Science enables the housewife to learn certain skills which will help her to start some work at home to raise the family income. Working women are busier and does not have enough time to do all the household jobs. Due to lack of time, they like to buy ready- made goods for the house.

Therefore, some agencies have come up helping the housewives by providing ready-made goods. These agencies are involved in household affairs. Students of home science with their knowl­edge, skills, and experience can gain employ­ment in these agencies or may start their own business like setting up of a boutique, crèche, tiffin services, etc. If money is a problem in starting these ventures, loans can be arranged from schemes initiated by Gov­ernment of India, banks, and other financial institutions.

The study of Home Science not only helps in running the house efficiently but also provides us proper training for supplement­ing family income after getting training in different fields of Home Science, students are capable of self-employment. Some of the occupations related to Home Science are:

1. Occupations related to food and nutrition.


Under the curriculum of Home Science, complete information is regarding the importance of nutrients of different foodstuffs, meal planning, food preservation, cooking delicious and nutritious fir by different methods. Students with aptitude in this subject may start real business like:

(i) Supplying packed lunch in offices.

(ii) Setting up a small canteen or resistant.

(iii) Coaching classes in cooking wheel demonstration in baking, snacks, if creams, pudding, pickles, jam, etc. c is given.


(iv) Selling preserved food like jams, pick sauces, papa, bade, etc.

(v) Supplying snacks to a canteen.

2. Occupation related to clothing textiles. Students interested in cut stitching, embroidery, etc. may start business:

(i) Selling suits, ducats of latest de by opening their own boutique.


(ii) Selling printed or embroidered sheets bed covers, cushion covers, e

(iii) Setting up ready-made garments business.

3. Occupations related to home management.

Students with an aptitude’ interior decoration may start:


(i) Coaching classes in pangolin, henna, flower decoration, etc.

(ii) Selling artistic handicrafts like decor’ boxes, divas, tails, etc. on Diwali addition, paintings, dry flowers are garments, lamp shades, wall hangings^ also be sold.

4. Occupations related to child development.

Another subject of Home Science child development and psychology in complete knowledge is imparted regard physical, mental, social and emotional the child. This knowledge is” helpful in proper care of the child.


One can start a crèche or pre-nursery school with the help of this knowledge. Bringing up children is a major problem of working women. With the abolition of joint family system, the only alternate solution with them is crèche. Therefore, this is also a good business proposition.

The Government of India has started ICDS programme at national level. This scheme has many programmes for the de­velopment of child up to 6 years. For example, their education, food and vaccination, etc. The students of home science can gain employment in these programmes. Apart from these, they can work in many social welfare programmes.

In this way, we know about the utility of training in Home Science. We can start our own business or gain employment in some agency engaged in household activities.