What are the important Types of outsourcing services?


a) Financial Services

In order to avail top quality of accounting services, from specialists outside the business, at economical costs, outsourcing is adopted. There is a need for expert management and deployment of funds which may not be available within the organisation. Therefore the financial services are rendered by experts in the field of finance such as MBAs, CAs, and other finance professionals through their own specialised set-ups.

In the background of globalisation and liberalisation, the outsourcing of financial services has got tremendous significance.


For ex. : Oracle, GE Capital, Convergies offer financial services internationally.

b) Courier Services

They work as private specialist mini-post office. They accept parcels, packets, etc. from the sender and charge commission and ensure that the accepted article will be delivered to the addressee.

It will be a difficult task for the businessman to carry his goods, letters, parcels etc. himself, from one place to another place. This calls for outsourcing of such services. There are many courier services which are prepared to carry out goods and documents at comparatively cheaper rates with safety.


Courier services are rendered by various agencies in the private sector. These agencies also provide logistic support including but not limited to providing total mail delivery services including packing and address pasting etc.

c) Customer Support Services

The modern business tries to make strong and stable link with the customers. It arranges supporting services to the customers through outsourcing. They are called as call centres. The development of call centres arose from the need to supply customer information and provide guidance and customer services. In the developed countries because of high literacy and good communication facilities, call centres were initially established to provide product/service related details to the customers as and when required round the clock. Call centres are specialised centres, which provide online technical support to the customers about the products and various services and benefits attached to the products.

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