What are the types of Salesman on the basic of Services Rendered?


1. House to House Salesmen:

House to house salesmen are otherwise known as peddlers and hawkers who move from door to door. A peddler is a salesman who goes with a pack or bundle of goods being carried by him on his back or a shoulder on in hands. He sells the goods on behalf of a producer or – wholesaler. He deals in cheap variety of fancy goods such as millinery items, cosmetics, toiletries, toys utensils and the like. On the other hand, a banker hawks the goods of the same type as in case of a peddler. He does not carry the goods on his back but uses an animal pulled cart or a hand cart or an auto rickshaw or it can be a wheel barrow. Both peddlers and hawkers call on the attention of prospects by shouting and singing the slogans of him firm or products. He may use some musical instrument to divert the attention of passers by towards him.

These salesmen are going to be successful if they know the local language, tastes and traditions. They are to have perfect knowledge of goods they are selling, courtesy and politeness coupled with honest dealings. It is these points that make his way every time very clear they visit those Idealistic and streets. Adjustment of clauses is an added point for their success. Such salesmen being thought as-low-grade, are likely to be perturbed and harassed by some customers whose business is to insult such salesmen and add salt to their injuries. In such cases, salesman are to control themselves by answering them, their questions very tactfully.

2. Missionary Salesmen:

There is a little confusion as to the meaning of this kind of salesmen. For some, there is no difference between the ‘missionary’ and ‘service’ salesmen. However, they should be distinguished for their both tasks and approaches differ. Missionary salesman is one who is engaged in developing new customers and new-sales territories.


Thus, the manufacturers, producers, wholesalers who want to introduce their product or products in the existing market or in a new market, the work of breaking new ice of preparing the spade work is the task or the responsibility of these missionary salesmen. They introduce a new product in the existing market or markets; they create new sales territories for the existing products and create news and opportunities in case of existing products. They are ahead of market surveys and advertising campaign to feel the pulse of a given sales territory.

A missionary salesman is a pioneer, promoter and a trend setter. He should have all the quantities of a creative salesman us training and experience. His task is really stupendous and arduous and is, therefore, paid high commensurate with the risks and the efforts put in by him in his line. As it is a difficult line, not all persons develop themselves as pioneer salesman. Success is an exception than a rule.

3. Service Salesmen:

Service salesmen are those who specialist in selling not the tangible products but the intangibles. These intangible products are services of various kinds. This type of salesmanship is fast growing and has a vast scope being a new line, comparatively. We have salesmen selling insurance, securities, advertising space and time, travel, collection, surveying the food at offices, courier services, contact services, computer services, reservation of services, door delivery services, consultancy services and so on.

His work is like a package deal service and hence he needs a thorough knowledge and training and long-standing experience. His market, to begin with, is quite limited. Once, he wins over that small group his sales multiply. His work is really creative and sustaining one. At times, lies sure to face many discouraging situations and disappointments. The secret of his success is to keep alive the spirit of persuasion, call on the prospects continually. Being a novel and concealed line, he has better chances of earning higher rewards for his novelty and integrity.

4. Exporter’s Salesmen:


In case of foreign trade, two types of agencies play important role. That is, international sale is effected through either export and import house or an “indent house”. In case of Export and Import house, it buys the foreign goods to be sold in the country through retailers and or directly delivers the goods to customers. That is export-import house acts as a wholesaler. On the other hand, indent house is an agent or intermediaries receiving the orders or indents from country wide retailers and customers and, therefore, places bulk orders with foreign manufacturers to wholesalers. Irrespective of those practices, one thing is sure that foreign manufacturer or the wholesaler needs able salesmen to book these orders from these agencies.

The role of exporter’s salesmen can not be overemphasized as goods will not enter one country from another without their intervention. The work of such salesmen is much tougher and different from internal trade salesman so far discussed. These salesmen are silent ambassadors and the very image of the country. They are an important link between exporting and importing trader. They are the heart roles of importers as they feel the minute changes in foreign markets. To succeed in this line, knowledge of exporting countries is a must, as language is the greatest barrier. They must be conversant with all technicalities of import procedure such as quota, tariff, exchange rates, trade practices and formalities. Delay is very common as there is a vast slip between the cup and lips. They must keep the business parties look by their vivid experience. Their knowledge, nature of work and extent of sacrifice all make their remuneration quite fat.

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