Brief notes on Pipe Line Transport, Telegraph services and Courier Services


Pipe Line Transport

This is a special type of transport system, suitable only for certain commodities. Its inherent advantages are low energy consumption, lower transit losses and low running cost.

A number of pipe line systems have been built in India for transport of crude petroleum, petroleum products and natural gas. Important pipe lines for transporting crude petroleum are:


(i) From Assam oil fields to Guwahati and Barauni communication. Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL) was set up on April 1, 1986. It provides external telecommunication services.

VSNL operates” through satellite link and provides telephone, telex, telegraph, Mobile phones and radio-photo services. Rapid growth of telephone services has no doubt accelerated the pace of our economic development.

Telegraph services:

Telegraph service is one of the oldest government owned public utility organizations. It was started in 1851 and established link between Calcutta and Diamond Harbour.


Before independence it was used for military purpose only. At present we have about 4, 00,000 telegraph offices. The government has now added teleprinter, telex and fax services.

Courier Services

The word ‘courier’ means-the messenger carrying special message. Courier services work as private mini-post offices. They accept envelops, parcels and packets from the sender, charge commission and issue receipts signifying that the accepted article will be taken to the addressee.

These courier services are available in the cities only. They operate through network of couriers. They ensure the quick and sure delivery of articles.


This is why; courier services are preferred in comparison to postal services. These services are very popular and generally availed by big companies, institutions, multinational companies and banks, professionals and higher middle class people.

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