What are the essentail Qualities of a successful manager?


1. Sound Education

He must have thorough knowledge of the theory and practice of his job.

2. Managerial abilities


He must have administrative talents. He must have organizing ability. He must be able to deal with people.

3. Communication skill

He must be able to communicate with others easily and clearly.

4. Ability to guide and lead


He must have ability to guide and lead his subordinates.

5. Intelligence

He must be intelligent to grasp and understand the situations an other views and ideas correctly.

6. Initiative


Being a manager, he must take initiative for the effective workin of the organization.

7. Sound Judgement

He must be able to make out for himself what is right and what i wrong.

8. Dynamic


A manager must be able to incorporate the changes for th< successful working of his enterprise.

9. Sociability

He must be able to mix with his subordinates. This will help him tc win support from his subordinates and get their co-operation.

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