17 important Qualities of A Successful Manager


The important qualities of a good leader/manager are:

1. Sound Physique: A good leader must have sound physique (i.e., good health, or physical fitness)

2. Alertness: He must always be alert.


3. Emotional stability: He must not lose his temper, whatever may be the occasion and provocation.

4. Will power and self confidence: He must have his strong will power and capacity to take bold decision at the right time.

5. Courage: He must have courage to face any situation that may arise in the course of his work.

6. Enthusiasm: He must have enthusiasm and zeal for his work.


7. Initiative: Being a leader/manager, he must take initiative for the effective working of the organisation.

8. Intelligence: He must be intelligent to grasp and understand the situation and other’s views and ideas correctly.

9. Dynamic: A leader/manager must be able to incorporate the changes for the successful working of his enterprise.

10. Sound judgement: This means, he must be able to make out for himself what is right and what is wrong for the organisation.


11. Technical Competence: He must have thorough knowledge of the theory and practice of his job.

12. Managerial abilities: He must have administrative talents. He must have organising ability. He must be able to deal with people.

13. Moral qualities: He should have moral qualities.

14. Empathy: He must be able to look at things from others’ point of view.


15. Ability to guide and lead: He must have the ability to guide and lead his subordinates.

16. Communication skills: He must be able to communicate with others easily and clearly.

17. Sociability : He must be able to mix with his subordinates. This will help him to win over his subordinates and get their co-operation.

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