An office manager is an executive who is in the charge of an office. He is the person who performs all the functions of the office management and he is primarily responsible for organizing and controlling of office activities. He is an important linkage in the chain of command because he is the person who ensures that office work is done and management policies are implemented. The office manager assumes a dual role in the organisation. He has a membership role and an advisory role in the group. Depending upon the nature of the business the office manager is called as controller, manager of office services, directs administration and system and procedure manager.

The qualification of a good manager are:

  1. Personal qualities,
  2. Formal Education,
  3. Experience,
  4. Professional Interest.

Personal Qualities

The prime task before the manager is to get things done by the employees economically and efficiently. The office manager faces two important problems. As an executive he is to ensure that the work is done efficiently and at the same time staff want more salary as possible with less work as “possible. To perform this task and solve the problems he should have certain personal qualities like leadership, sound judgement, tact, self-control, sincerity, adaptability, persuasiveness, initiative, neat appearance and punctuality. A good manager should be firm but not obstinate and he should be fair in maintaining harmony and discipline. He should be a man of confident but not arrogant.

Educational Qualification

A good manager should have an appropriate educational background. He should have at least a Bachelor’s degree in commerce, arts, business administration and secretarial practice. Now-a-days many institutes are there both in government and private sector to impart training to managers. He should be proficient in english writing and speaking.


He should be well trained with management policies and decisions.


No two office managers have the same job responsibility and as such the situations and circumstances faced by the office manager are not similar and in some circumstances he may have certain complex and unusual problems. In this case practical experience of the manager counts much in solving his day-do-day problems. So to become a successful manager, he should have a wide business experience. The manager will be more valuable when he should have a diversified experience. Mere experience does not make a successful manager and he should: have the ability to get the things done tactfully.

Professional Interest

He should be a member of the professional organization and he should have constant touch with the current publications and journals.