Notes on Mode of mode of transmission, clinical findings and treatment of Tapeworm


The tape worm is also a common infestation in the Tropics, but it is not so frequently seen as the round worm. They have a head about the size of that of a small pin. They are flat in shape, and about one quarter of an inch to half an inch broad.

Mode of Transmission:

It is caused by eating diseased and under cooked meat such as pork. The worm exists chiefly in the small intestine.


Clinical findings:

The presence of the tape worm is usually discovered by finding in the stool the segments which are flat and white. Where these are found treatment trust be undertaken. Without any treatment if the worm is allowed to remain it causes vague pains and discomfort, and, generally undermines health. It is very important to find out the worm. But the smallness of the head makes it very difficult to identify and all portions of the worm passed after treatment should be examined by an expert.


The thorough empty of the bowel with castor oil is the proper treatment for tape worm and then a does opt the extract of Male fern should be taken However, medical consultation is necessary for those who suffer from worms of any kind.


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