Notes on Mode of Infection, Clinical Findings and treatment of Thread Worm


Thread worms are white and threadlike, and live in the lower part of the bowel, where they cause intense itching. They may exist in thousands. Children are the most common sufferers.

Mode of Infection:

Man is infected by ingesting the ova in water or by contaminated uncooked food-stuffs, Air-borne infection may also occur, as ova are present on objects at all levels, in all rooms, in infested households, familiar infestation being very common. Auto-re infection is very liable to occur. Fertilization takes place in the smart intestine.


Clinical Findings:

Thread worms are an important cause of restlessness and irritability in children. In adults they should be remembered as a cause of prorates any. They may also be the cause of appendicitis. Children complain of itching of the anus, and there may be frequency of micturition. Ova are not often found in stool examination, and the best method of detecting infestation is by taking a swab from anus and examined for ova.


Uncooked vegetables should be well washed before consumption. All infested members of a household must be treated. The faces should be examined for roundworm ova and if present, the roundworm infesta­tion should first be treated. The hands should be cleaned after the bowels are opened, before meals and after taking off any article of clothing in contact with the skin. The nails must be kept short and a child should wear tight fitting knickers at night to prevent scratching at anus. Ante par Elixir may be given in divided doses at night consecutive foe seven nights.


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