Notes on Mode of Clinical Findings and treatment of Round Worm


Round worms, which closely resemble earth worms in appearance, are very common amongst those who are careless in their habits, and indifferent as to what they eat or drink. They are light brown in color with pointed ends, and live in the small intestine in man and in animal such as the pig their eggs are passed in the faces. They may be a foot in length and often exist in very large num­bers in the human system. They inhabit chiefly in the small intestine. They are sometimes vomited, or may escape in the discharge from the bowels.

Mode of infection: The source of infection by round worms is food. Man is infected by swallowing the eggs in water or contaminated uncooked food-stuffs. Infes­tation is more common in children than in adults. The disease has been known to prevail in India in almost epide­mic, form.

Clinical Findings:


The patient may be unaware of their presence, or complain of vague symptoms of indiges­tion etc. Fretfulness and convulsion occur in children. In some cases dysenteric symptoms are present. On examina­tion of the faces the characteristic ova are found or a worm is seen,


Uncooked vegetables should be well washed before consumption. Round worms may be got rid of by clearing out the bowels as carefully as possible with a dose of castor oil. Ante par Elixir is the drug of choice.

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