Short biography of Prolaya Nayak


As we have already narrated, the defeat of Prataprudra, the last king of Warangal, led’ the occupation of whole of Andhra country by the Tughluqs.

The latter administered country through their own officers whose tyrannous rule led to the formation of confederacy of Hindu chiefs under the leadership of Prolaya Nayak.

Its main object w to free their land from the alien rulers who looted and pillaged their cities and villages an were bent upon destroying their ancient culture and traditions. With Rekapalli in Godavari district as its headquarters, Prolaya Nayak was able to restore his rule in coast: areas.


A similar movement was started by Somadeva Raja, a Chalukyan Kshatriya Princ. in the western Andhra country. He was quite successful, defeated the invaders in battl: and recovered the western Andhra by A.D. 1328-29.

Prolaya Nayak was succeeded by his cousin, Kapaya Nayak who recaptured the historic fort of Warangal with the cooperation of the Ballala III of Dwarasamudra and the Hindu chief of that area.

Thus the great nayaks drove out the Muhammadan invaders from the entire Andhra country within 15 years of its occupation and established their supremacy. There were about 75 nayaks. The most important of them were Musunsuri chiefs Warangal, Padmavelma of Rachakonda and the Reddis of Kondavidu. They asserted the independence and became sovereigns in their respective regions.

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