Short Notes on Musunuri of Warangal


We have already referred to the setting up of an independent kingdom of Warangal by the Musunturu chieftains after Kapaya Nayak had driven out the Tughluq invaders from Tilangana.

Kapaya Nayak had taken help of Ballala III of Dwarasamudra and amiran-i-sadah of Deccan in this task. The latter set up an independent kingdom later on known as the Bahmani Empire which was contiguous to Warangal.

The Bahmani kings carried on incursions in Warangal from the very beginning. In one of the battles Kapaya Nayak’s son was captured by the forces of Muhammad Shah Bahmani and put to death in a heinous manner.


Kapaya’s appeal to Muhammad-bin- Tughluq did not bear any fruit and instead invited the wrath of the Bahmani ruler who had to be appeased with costly gifts and presents.

After this, there was no further trouble from the Bahmanis but the Recherla chief Singama Nayak followed by his son Anavota led expeditions into Warangal. In a battle with the latter, Kapaya Nayak was killed and his dynasty became extinct.

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