Short Essay on the Recherlas


Recherlas served with distinction the Kakatiya rulers and rose to high positions. One of these generals, Singama Nayak, laid the foundation of the kingdom after conquering Rachakonda and the territories around it.

His son Anavota (A.D. 1361-A.D. 1384) built a strong fortress and captured Warangal after the death of Kapaya Nayak and later on added Bhongir to it. Recherla rulers were on friendly terms with the Bahmanis whom they even helped in their wars against Kapaya Nayak. Anavota entrusted his brother Mada Nayak to rule at Devarkonda.

He was succeeded by his son Peda Vedagiri Nedu, on whose death his son Mada Nayak ascended the throne of Devarkonda.


After the death of Anavota in 1384, his son Singama Nayak II ascended the throne. The Recherlas had to wage continuous wars against their neighbours, the Vijayanagar and the Kondavidu rulers. Singama was succeeded by his son Anavota II. Their traditional hostilities against Reddis of Kondavidu continued unabated till his end. After his death, his son Sarvajha Singh II ascended the throne.

He ruled from 1425 to 1475. His contemporary at Devarkonda was Lingamanedu, son of Mada Nayak. Both the cousins continued their traditional friendship and sided with Vijayanagar and Gajapatis as their interest served. They gave up their friendship with the sultans of Bidar.

Lingamanedu was a powerful ruler whose expeditons into Rajahmundri hastened the extinction of Reddi kings. However, they lost their precarious possessions Rachakonda and Warangal to Ahmad Shah I. Lingamanedu’s bold efforts to recover them ended in failure and their dynasty too became extinct.

Other dynasties


We may make a brief reference to few other minor dynasties of the region. Koppula chiefs ruled over the territories lying to the north of the river Godavari up to Kalinga. Their capital was at Pithapuri. This state was ultimately conquered by the Reddis of Kondavidu in about A.D. 1388.

Another dynasty which flourished during the period was that of Korukonda chiefs. Manchikonda was perhaps their capital. One of the rulers of the dynasty Mummandi Nayak conquered the region between Rajahmundri and the sea on either side of Godavari.

This state had a common border with the kingdom of Koppula chiefs. The Reddis of Kondavidu also conquered the kingdom of the Korukonda chiefs.

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