Vijay Amritraj is one of the finest tennis players to have played for India. He achieved fame not only in tennis but also in other spheres of life for which he has been declared as the United Nation’s ‘Messenger of Peace’.

He was born on December 14, 1953 at Chennai in Tamil Nadu. Fortunately, he was born in a family where sportspersons were in majority. His mother was a good tennis player and his father was a famous sportsman. Vijay Amritraj studied in Royal College, Chennai. He got training in tennis by instructor T. A. Ramarao.

He scaled many heights during his playing years. In 1971, he won the National Junior Championship. In the next year he became the National Champion. He defeated world famous Rod Laver in 1973. He remained Champion for three times in the ‘Hall of fame’. In 1982, he was selected as the Captain for Davis Cup. He exhibited wonderful tennis in Walvi International Championship of Braton Woods in Hongkong. Now he is an excellent T. V commentator.