India’s promising woman tennis player, Isha Lakhani was born on April 29, 1985. She started playing at the age of 7. She played her first major tournament in September 2000 by being a Doubles winner (with Sania Mirza) and Singles quaterfinalist in the Indian ITF Junior Tournament, Chennai, I.T.F.G.S. Again, in September 2001, she repeated her performance and became Singles winner and Doubles finalist in the same tournament.

Her fantastic display of tennis was well appreciated by the audiences when she became Doubles winner (with Sania Mirza) and Singles finalist in Pretoria University, I.T.F. G2 in July 2002. Her control over strokeplay and newly-developed composure was enough to thwart Shruti Dhawan’s ambitions in the $ 500 International Tennis Federation’s women’s circuit first leg Singles.

The final score line was 6-3, 6-4, which reflected her stature in the women’s tennis circuit. In May 2003, she won the women’s Single tide in the B.S.N.L.I.T.F. championship by defeating Shruti Dhawan.