What is the Relation of Rights with Duties ?


A citizen cannot enjoy rights in isolation because the rights of some are the duties of others. Therefore, the rights and duties are correlated. Aristotle the father of political science writers ” A good citizen makes a good state” and Gandhiji opines that “If we all discharge our duties, rights will not be far to seek”.

Allegiance to the state, obedience to law, payment of taxes, honest exercise of franchise, willingness to hold public office, duties towards humanity and internationalism, eternal vigilance etc. are some of the important duties of the citizens. The Constitution of India in Part IV (A) consisting of Art 51 (A) enumerates ten Fundamental Duties to be performed by the citizens.

Therefore, rights and duties are related to each other. Prof. L. T. Hobhouse writes that rights are “what we may expect from others and all genuine rights are conditions of social welfare……………. they are conditioned by, co-relative to his social responsibility”. Thus, it is the duty of everybody not to take any action which is likely to affect the rights of others. Every right has a corresponding duty and Prof. Laski prescribes a fourfold relation between rights and duties.


(a) one’s right implies the other’s duty.

(b) one’s right implies one’s duty to recognise similar rights of others.

(c) one should exercise his rights for the promotion of social good.

(d) As the state guarantees and protects the rights of everybody, one has the duty to support the state.

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