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Property: What is the nature of property rights?

What are the advantage and disadvantage of private property? An outstanding feature of modern economic life is the institution of private property. By private property, we mean the things owned exclusively by a person or group of persons with the rights..

Here is your brief note on the universal human rights

Here is your brief note on the universal human rights. Rights are considered to be fundamental conditions for devel­opment of human personality. The importance of basic human rights was recognized by the U.N.O.

Why some people criticize The Legal Theory of Rights?

Why some people criticize The Legal Theory of Rights? According to this theory right are created and maintained by the state. The state formulates the enforces them and can restrict their scope.

Criticism of The Historical Theory of Rights

Criticism of The Historical Theory of Rights. According to this theory, rights are the product of history.These are found in the ancient customs, traditions and practices. for generations together these rights..

9 essential Criticism of The Theory of Natural Rights

9 essential Criticism of  The Theory of Natural Rights. This theory is based on the assumption that certain rights belong to man by nature. These are as natural to him as the colour of his skin or his power of locomotion.

What is the Relationship between Rights and Duties?

Rights and duties are two phases of the same thing. Rights are considered to be essential for the expansion of human personality. They offer to the individual a sufficient scope for free action and thus prepare ground for self-development.

5 most essential Political Rights of a citizen

5 most essential Political Rights enjoyed by a citizen. These are rights by virtue of which the citizens take direct or indirect part in the administration of the state. Political rights are an essential complement of civil rights.

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