Rights and duties go hand in hand. Every right has a corresponding duty. The best way to secure one’s right is to do one’s duty. Rights flow automatically when we perform our duties. Some of the duties of a citizen may be mentioned below

Every individual is a unit of society. It suffers if its units are not fit physically and mentally.

1. Duty towards One’s Family and Dependents:

Every citizen must perform his duties towards his family and dependents. He should give proper education to his children and should be careful about their health.


2. Duty towards One’s Neighbors:

Every good citizen should lend a hand of co-operation to his neighbors.

3. Duty towards One’s Locality:

Every good citizen is to see that life in the locality where he lives is healthy. For this purpose he should observe the rule of sanitation and health. He himself should not be a danger to public health and should see that others do not prove to be a menace to the same.