Short Essay on “Rights and Duties Are Inseparable”


Rights and duties are inseparable. They are two sides of the same coin. Rights are certain privileges granted by the state. On its part, the state enjoins upon each one of us to perform certain obligations or duties. Therefore, they are corresponding in nature. This can be explained in the contexts give below.

(a) Our rights imply our duties. Every right has a corresponding duty. If one has a right to vote, it is one’s corresponding duty to exercise it judiciously in electing the right candidate and not be swayed by religious, caste, monetary considerations.

(b) Right of one is duty of another. Our right is another man’s duty while another man’s right is our duty. If we possess the right to life, it is the duty of others to provide us the facilities to live a life of our own. If our neighbor has the right to freedom of religion we have a duty to admit his right.


(c) As the state guarantees our rights, we must perform our duties towards the state. A state is known because of the rights it maintains. As the state safeguards our rights, it is our duty to obey the state and its laws, e.g., the state grants us the right to use the road, but it is our duty to abide by the traffic laws and also to pay the taxes.

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