Channels of communication are necessary as they are the link between the sender and receiver. These are the essential tools of the communicator. He gets in contact with his audience through the channel.

Channels of communication can be meetings, radio, television, books, newspaper, letters, tours, personal contacts, street plays, drama and so on.

To make communication effective, channels should be used in the right way, at the right time and for the right audience and purpose, without channel, no message can reach effectively to the intended audience.

For good selection of channels, objective and nature of the message and the nature of the intended audience, should be considered first. If required, combination of channels also can be considered such as, group meetings and radio talks or television and newspapers.


The time available for the use of channel and relative cost of channel in relation to the anticipated effectiveness should be considered too in the selection of the channel.

As the channels are the connecting links between communicators and receivers, they must effectively join together these two essential elements of the communication process.