All aspects of our life are touched by the progress in science and technology in some way or the other. Technology is the use of scientific knowledge to make modern machines. Communications have also been modernised by technology.

The effects of this modernisation are there for us to see. The advantages of using phones, cellular phones, Internet, fax machines, television and radio are :

1. We can talk or send messages to our friends and relatives in a few seconds and receive their replies just as quickly. A cellular phone has made it possible for us to talk anywhere and at any time.

2. We get information and news from all corners of the world through newspapers, radio and television, sitting at home. We know much more about the rest of the world than our ancestors did.


3. We can watch a cricket match in the Australia, or a space shuttle take off in United States of America, at the moment they are taking place. Satellites bring pictures from all over the world to our television sets.

4. With the use of computers we can find out about the rest of the world through the Internet.

But are there any disadvantages of the modernisation in communications? Let us examine the following facts :

1. Children are becoming addicted to television programmes and computer games. Their education and outdoor activities have taken a back seat.


2. An overexposure to foreign culture is causing the younger generation to imitate the youth of the Western Nations and forget their own culture.

4. Criminals make use of the modern technology to promote fraud, crime and terrorism.

5. Unemployment in some sectors will increase as machines take over work done by men earlier.

The modernisation of transport and communication has made the world much smaller and accessible. Its advantages are far greater than the disadvantages. It is for us to use technology in such a way that will benefit mankind.