We cannot live alone in this world. We want to share our thoughts with others, we want to send and receive messages. We do so by talking and writing, This is called communication. Development of science and technology has led to many new ways of communication, These wonderful methods have been developed after efforts of many years:

A few centuries ago, man used to go from one place to another for giving and receiving messages, Development of the various means of transport has made this work easier and faster. At first, he used animals to move fast but later on trains, ships and airplanes came into use. We know that millions of letters and greeting cards are being sent and received through post offices. Many countries make beautiful stamps, which provide a lot of useful information.

Now we can send messages quickly through the telegraph wires. This way we can send and receive messages from any part of the world in less than 24 hours. The new methods are through the Internet and Fax machines. The Internet is the worldwide network of computer links which allows computer users to connect with computers all over the world. It has the facility of electronic mail or e-mail, We can communicate with anyone who has an e-mail address through our computer. The Internet also gives us information about almost every field from all parts of the world. It is rightly said that the Internet has brought the world at our doorsteps.

We can also send and receive a message at the same time with the help of the telephone. The telephone has changed our lives completely. We can talk to any person in different cities and even in different countries with the help of STD and ISO. Nowadays, cellular (mobile) phones are very common. They can help us communicate with others anytime and anywhere.


These methods are used to communicate from one person to another, Many times we have to communicate with a large number of people at a time. We can do it through newspapers, magazines, books, radio, television, cinema, etc. These are the means of mass communication.

Books are available in every part of the world. We also get newspapers and magazines from many parts of the world. We learn about educational, cultural and sports activities of other countries through them.

The invention of radio by Guglielmo Marconi brought about a great revolution in mass communication. Now messages could be sent to the whole world in a short time. Apart from sending and receiving messages, we can also listen to music, songs, lectures, dramas, etc., on radio. School lessons are also broadcast on it. Even illiterate persons can use a radio to learn many useful things.

Cinema now entertains millions of people throughout the world. We can use cinema not only for entertainment but also for spreading knowledge and education. Films are used to entertain, educate and inform people. Films, that give us news and other useful information, are known as documentaries.


Marconi was an kalian electrical engineer. He is known as the inventor of radio. He was born in Bologna and educated at the University of Bologna. As early as 1890 he became interested in wireless telegraphy, and by 1895 he had developed an instrument with which he succeeded in sending signals to a point a few kilometers away. His system was used by the British and Italian navies.

He was awarded the 1909 Nobel Prize in Physics for his invention. John Logie Baird invented television and brought cinema to our homes. Now we can receive news, information and entertainment in our homes. Most of the villages in our country are provided with community televisions. Events of national and international importance can be seen live on television.

The Olympic games, all major tournaments and events can be seen live sitting in the comfort of our homes. Television has brought the people of this world very close to one another.

The scientists of the world are always working to invent and develop new techniques for better communication. Man-made communication satellites are sent into space with the help of rockets. These satellites can pick up signals from any place and relay them to other places. Now it is possible for radio, telephone and television to transmit and receive signals from around the world.


Advertisement is the latest development in mass communication. It is used by the companies to popularize their products. Newspapers and magazines give a large variety of advertisement. The advertisements on radio and television can benefit even the illiterate people. Some advertisements can be misleading. We should be careful not to get carried away by the glamour of advertisements. Science and technology have provided us with very effective and useful means of transport and communication. We must use these developments for the benefit of mankind.