Troublesome Guest – Short Paragraph


Man is a social animal. He lives in a society where guests, visit form a part of life. But there are some unwelcome guests also. They cause and create great nuisance. While cursing this type of guests in our heart, we have to entertain them. This is that odd situation from which we can’t run away. We have to tolerate him as we cannot ask him to go away. We feel boredom but we are helpless. One month prior to my Board Examinations, my maternal uncle came to our house. I was making my preparations for the examination, but he was a big setback in this. As he is an idler he never bothered for my studies. He will be busy watching TV at a very high volume. He will never leave me alone; instead he remains in my room without any reason. He comĀ­pelled me to listen to his useless talks which were all irrelevant and full of nonsense. Suddenly one day my elder maternal uncle came and took him away. It was a great relief for me.

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