A very short essay on a troublesome guests

Whenever somebody remarks or mentions about troublesome guests I can’t help recalling the frightful memories of our dear troublesome guests.

As the Duttas’ family are quite friendly type, they are undoubtedly dear and near to us. But when you think of their untimely, unexpected especially late night visits, with their imposing nature of expecting normal courtesies at these hours you couldn’t think of more troublesome guests than the Duttas. Their favourite unannounced visiting timings were mostly after 10.00-10.30 hours at night or at the office rushing hours around 9.00-9.30 in the morning.

And of course being of friendly nature, the Duttas never seemed to have any qualms to have meals with you whether they visit unexpectedly at dinner or breakfast time. Whereas they are simply satisfied with plain water or at the most lime water, tea or coffee at home, the Duttas always like to have ‘cakes’ some other nice aerated drink to quench their thurst, plus their ready hand suggestions and favorite menus for preparing breakfast or dinner for them to satisfy their gluttonous appetite. If all this does not sound real or troublesome, how about having the Duttas as your guests sometimes.