173 Words Paragraph on unwelcome Guests


Hospitality is a great virtue, and guests always to be welcomed and honoured. But unwelcome guests pose a great problem. They upset the whole domestic routine^ and cause great trouble and inconvenience There are a few unwelcome guests who bother us now and then, They visit us without any intimation. Their visits throw all of us in the worst possible confusion. One such unwelcome guest is Mr. Caiman Lai Horn Ludhiana. He has no consideration for us. I am also very fussy about his food and religious routine. He is often on so-called holy tastes and on sun occasions he would consume only sweets, dry fruits and seasonal fruits. Besides, he also drinks a lot to milk while of fasts. Sometimes he would come with his family for a week and press my father to take them on sight-seeing in our car. I would freely make use of our telephone, both for local and trunk calls, without making any payment. Such guests are really a big headache, but there is hardly any remedy.

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