Write a short paragraph on International Peace and Understanding


Globalization means that events taking place in another part of the world have an impact on the development of other nations. With the progress of science and technology the world has become a much smaller place. International trade, mass media, and quicker means of communication and travel have made countries interdependent. War in one area affects the security and prosperity of another. Thus, international peace and understanding is another very important national goal.

Peace in our neighborhood is particularly important. War is an expensive business, as we have already experienced. Funds that need to be spent on essential development have to be used for defence purposes. As a developing nation we cannot afford it. It slows down our progress and prevents us from achieving our other goals. We have always wanted that countries of the world cooperate and help each other to develop and advance. For this reason our country has been actively involved in the Non-Aligned Movement and our leaders have always tried to bring about peace and understanding amongst nations. We have also supported the efforts of the United Nations in this direction.

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