Short notes on main Functions of Art and Science by Uriuick


Functions of Art and Science by Uriuick:

“It is the function of the arts to accomplish concrete ends, effect results, produce situations that would not come about without the deliberate efforts to secure them. These arts must be mastered and applied by those who deal in the concrete and for the future.

The function of the sciences, on the other hand, is to explain the phenomena, the events, the situations, of the past.


Their aim is not to produce specific events, effects, or situations, but explanations which we call knowledge. It has not been the aim of science to be a system of technology, and it could not be such a system.

It is required in order to manipulate the concrete, a vast amount of knowledge of a temporary, local, specific character of no general value or interest, that it is not the function of a science to have or to present and only to explain to the extent that it is generally significant”.

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