Essay on Management a Science or an Art:

Science can be defined, as a body of systematized knowledge obtained through study and practice. It is based on certain principles and theories. The six important elements, namely, thinking, discovery of facts, verification, prediction, measurements, and expression that help the development of science, do exist in management also. That way we can say management is a science.

Terry and Franklin view that ‘the science of management is a body of systematized knowledge accumulated and accepted with reference to the understanding of general truths concerning management’.

Art can be defined as “the skill in performance, it is the ‘know-how’ to accomplish desired results”. Supporting the management is an art, Henry M. Boetinger, a management writer justified it in the following words:


“Just as an artist is judged by how well he/she communicates his/her purposes to the viewers by reflecting his/her visions’ in the work of Art, the manager in business is judged on how well he communicates his ‘visions’ to his subordinates through leadership, expertise, persuasion, motivation and the alike”.

Terry and Franklin say that, ‘the art of management is personal creative power plus skill in performance. Management is the ‘art of arts’ because it organizes and uses human talent’.