Essay on For Forms of Government Let Fools Consent


Arguments for

1. The main purpose of the Government is to maintain law and order and if it is capable of maintaining it people will remain satisfied. Naturally, however, good a form of Government may be unless it is capable of providing security to the people and their property, it cannot be an acceptable Government. So contesting for the forms of Government is basically useless.

2. According to Aristotle every form of Government must be replaced another form of Government with the passage of time. If a son of a king does not prove to be efficient, he will never be a successful administrator and the ministers around will capture power. Thus Kingship will be replaced by what we call, now a days aristo­cracy. These rich people generally impose heavy taxes in order to enjoy life. A stage comes when the people are unable to bear the burden of the taxes. They revolt against the Government and estab­lish a Government by the people. Thus aristocracy is replaced by democracy. Democracy is replaced by dictatorship which becomes kingship. If the cycle of the Government is to go on, there is no point in contesting for any form of Government.


3.  Every Government suffers from one or the other serious defect. If democracy breeds corruption dictatorship result in tyranny. Similarly, kings are guided by their own whims. When all the forms of Government suffer from defects, there is no logic in contesting for any form of Government.

Arguments against :

1. Man cannot discover the best till he experiments with the different ideas. In the political field, it is necessary to try different forms of Government and pick up one which may give more freedom to the people and which may bother more about the welfare of  people. That is why contesting for the forms of government is essential.

2. If we just restrict to one form of Government will never make any progress. It is only by trying the different political institutions that we have been able to come to the conclusions that democracy is the best form of Government so political progress also it is necessary to contest for the different forms of Government.


3. It is wrong to think that man is concerned proper type of administration. As the consciousness dawns upon man, he thinks of enjoying more rights and also getting more share in administration. So it is only by contesting then he can finish the old type of government easily.


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