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Brief notes on Centre for Entrepreneurship Development in India

The Centre for Entrepreneurship Development in Gujarat was established in order to provide entrepreneurial training to educated unemployed persons, women technicians, rural artisans, ex-servicemen, physically handicapped persons, etc. to help development facilities so that they can come out as successful entrepreneurs.

A short story about a cow for kids

From groups and tell each other jokes. Each group should choose the one they like best and narrate it to the class. Now that you have heard a number of jokes, can you make a list of reasons why you find some stories/actions funnier than others ?

What are the essential steps required for cultivating a crop for food production ?

Soil may be defined as the upper thin layer of earth’s crust, which serves as a natural medium for the growth of plants. Soil is formed by slow weathering of parent rocks under the combined effect of physical, chemical and biological factors. Soil differs from the parent material in the morphological, physical, chemical and biological […]

14 essential points on struggle for independence of India

14 essential points on struggle for independence of India are mentioned below. A militant movement grew up in the early years of twentieth century AD. Secret societies were formed whose members believed in the use of violence to overthrow British rule. The movement did not succeed.

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