10 profound ways in which forest is useful to man


The economical uses of forests are as follows:

I. Forests maintain environmental stability, ecological balance for the existence of all life forms.

II. They provide timber and fuel wood.


III. Soft wood is used in furniture, packages, and also other building materials.

IV. Pulp is made from soft wood and is used in paper-making.

V. Forests also provide us lac, cane, resin, charcoal, fire-wood, gums, medicinal herbs, fodder and grass.

VI. Forest provide many things to meet our food requirements like wild fruits, nuts, berries etc. Many tribes are dependent on gathering of these products in forests.


VII. Forests are the sources of timber for house-building, furniture making, ship-building etc.

VIII. They modify climatic conditions and bring better rainfall in the area.

IX. They reduce wind force and reduce air temperature during summer which have a positive effect on the overall environment.

X. They add to the forest floor large quantities of leaves, twigs and branches, which at decomposition form humus. This increases the fertility of soil.

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