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10 profound ways in which forest is useful to man

The economical uses of forests are as follows: Forest provide many things to meet our food requirements like wild fruits, nuts, berries etc. Many tribes are dependent on gathering of these products in forests.

Here are some useful information on Direct Legislation

Here are some useful information on Direct Legislation. Direct legislation is a device by which people take a direct share in the process of law making. The movement in favor of direct demo­cratic devices is ..

Some useful information on Bicameralism

Some useful information on Bicameralism. The unicameral system was also supported by Benjamin Franklin in the USA. and by Jeremy Bentham in England.

Little known but useful information on Cortex

Little known but useful information on Cortex. The region lying between epidermis and pericycle is called cortex. It can be distinguished into hypodermis, gen­eral cortex and endodermis in dicots.

680 Words Essay on Useful Reading by Arnold Bennett

Arnold Bennett essay On Useful Reading contains some important points regarding the business of reading and its bearing on life. Many readers read books without having an idea of making use of the knowledge acquired through reading in their day-to-day life.

23 Useful facts about Intelligence

Intelligence is a complex capacity to profit from experiences and training, to adapt successfully to new situations, and to think abstractly using symbols and concepts the operational definition of intelligence is that intelligence is what intelligence tests test.

Useful information on the external morphology of sea star

Asterias is a free living marine echinoderm. It crawls slowly in shallow water to very great depth. It prefers rocky areas where locomotion and concealment are easier. It lives at the bottom. The bottom dwellings are called benthozoic.

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