What are the types of Room generally available in a Hotel?


Single Room:

A room with two single beds meant for two persons.

Double Room:


A room with Double bed meant for two people.

Twin Room :

A room with two single beds meant for two persons.

Twin Double Room:


Commonly known as family room having two double beds separated from each other.

Hollywood Twin Bed Rooms :

A room that has two single beds with a single head board meant for two persons.



A sitting or living room not used as bed room. Studio Room: A parlour setup with one or two studio beds or couches which can be converted into beds.


A connecting one or more bed room. It is the most expensive type of room Main feelings of a suite:-

(i) Larger size: more rooms and more privacy.


(ii) More facilities like refrigerator, T.V. etc.

(iii) Elaborate furnishings and may be particular view eg. Sunset view suite.

Junior Suite:

A large room with a partition seperating the living room furnishings from the bed room. DUPLEX:


A set of rooms not on the same level connected by an internal stairway generally parlour at the lower and bed room at the upper level.

Efficiency Room:

A room having some kitchen facilities prominent in motels, resorts and residential hotels.

Hospitality Rooms:

A room used by a guest for entertaining his guest, charged on hourly basis.

Inter Connecting Rooms:

Two rooms adjacent to each other having an interconnecting doors allowing entry to other room, may be locked from either end and discontinue use of interconnecting doors. |

Pent House Suite:

A set of room situated on terrace level, a part of which may be open to sky-

Adjoining Room:

Two or more rooms with or without interconnecting doors and are on the same level.

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