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Term Paper on Professionalisation


Term Paper # 1. Meaning of Professionalisation:

“A professional is one who possesses systematic knowledge and skill to perform certain responsible functions with authority and who is bound by certain ethics in the use of his knowledge and skill.”

“A professional manager is one who specialises in the work of planning, organising, leading and controlling the efforts of others and does so through a systematic use of classified knowledge, a common vocabulary and principles and who subscribes to the standards of practice and code of ethics established by a recognised body.” —Lewis Allen

The growth of management, education and training has contributed to the growing professionalisation of management and professionalisation has contributed to the growing social orientations of business.


Professionalisation imparts a certain social responsibility and dignity to management.

“Management is independent of ownership, rank or power; it is objective function and ought to be grounded in the responsibility of performance. It is professional management, is a function, a discipline, a task to be done and managers are the professionals who practice this discipline, carry out the functions and discharge these tasks. It is no longer relevant whether the manager is also an owner, if he is; it is incidental to his main function, which is to be a manager.” —Peter Drucker

Term Paper # 2. Responsibilities of A Professional:

A professional has enormous responsibilities:

(i) He shall not use his knowledge, skill and authority unscrupulously.


(ii) He shall not knowingly do harm to his customers.

(iii) He is socially bound by the ethics of business.

(iv) He should not be subject to political or ideological control. He should be autonomous.

(v) He should work for the welfare of his client.

Term Paper # 3. Essentials of Professionalisation:


Professionalisation of business management means that business should be managed by men:

(i) Who have specialised skill and knowledge of management.

(ii) Who have authority and freedom to take the decisions.

(iii) Who are not idealogically biased in the discharge of their functions


(iv) Whose decisions and actions are guided by certain ethical considerations.

Professionalisation makes business more efficient, dynamic and socially responsible. The growth of management education in the country and the facilities abroad to obtain management education has contributed to professionalisation in the business field.