Professionalisation of management is desirable due to the follow­ing reasons:

(i) Professionalisation will lead to increase in the knowledge and skills of managers as minimum educational qualifications would be prescribed for would be managers.

Managerial environment of the future is giving to be more challenging requiring a high degree of Professionalisation from managers. It would no longer be possible to manage successfully with intuition or trial and error.

(ii) Professionalisation of management would improve the status and prestige of management career and of managers. It would remove the impression that managers are interested only in maximizing profits for shareholders.


(iii) Professionalisation would involve statutory control over managers. Such control will minimize the malpractices like underhand payments to managers, speculation in the company’s shares, frauds in practices and management, etc. Managers indulging in such practices will be debarred from practicing management.

(iv) Professionalisation will define the duties and responsibilities of managers precisely. A code of conduct would be prescribed. This will improve the ethical environment of business and unreasonable demands on managers would be checked.

(v) Professionalisation would speed up management education and training. It would also attract more talented people into manage­ment career.