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Do you really believe that Work is Worship?

“We must work not only to civilised the world, not to smooth the face of the society, not to spread knowledge, not to cultivate the reason, not to turn the whole earth into heaven, but to bring down a heaven upon earth.” —Cardinal Newman.

Essay on Man does not Work for Bread Alone

Food may be god but to a hungry man only ; physiological demands have been relegated to a secondary place. Bread is a means to an end but not the end in itself.

Essay on We Talk More, Work Less

Undeniably, there are millions of people in India who think little, act even less but talk too much. Indulgence in idle gossip, disgruntled attitudes, bitter criticism of all and sundry, frustration over their sorry plight, fate and “kismet”, have in fact become national pastimes.

Work Experience and School Education

The Education Commission (1964-66) writes “Work-experience, which involves participation in some modern form of productive work under conditions approximating to those found in real life situation, should be introduced as an integral part of education at all stages.

Short essay on Right to Work

Right to work means an opportunity to work as a means to earn livelihood. It has been very much in prominence in the past and has been dominating the scenario of national and international political movements based upon its recognition as legal right of the citizens.

Essay on India Needs More Work, Less Talk

India has to step out of its ruts of stagnation, apathy and the deep-seated habit of substituting talk in place of work. That is the crying need of the hour.

How Does Reinforcement Work in Operant Conditioning?

Skinner advocates a behaviorist point of view, which he terms as experimental analysis of behavior. For Skinner what are important are the responses and the role of reinforcement in shaping the responses.

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