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8 fundamental factors for selling any product

Success is any line of human activity is not ready-made. Certain amount of input is essential to have the output of higher degree of success. Very often, a question is asked as to what it takes for success in selling.

5 bizarre problems faced by salesmen’s in the field of retail selling

The nature of retail selling is such that retail salesman faces certain problems which are specific to his line. These specific problems call for detailer investigation and analysis because each problem has a solution or solutions and the best can be chosen. The more pertinent problems are discussed here:

What is the difference between Buying Motives and Selling Points?

We have reached now that stage of discussion where it is unavoidable to note the minute points of difference between ‘buying motives’ and the ‘selling points’. It is so because, for good any people, there is no difference between the two closely interlinked terms. It is quite acceptable case of those who are lay-men.

What is the importance of Personal Selling for the growth of business ?

There are certain marketing situations where personal selling is more relevant as it provides easy and effective answers to the multi-dimensional sales problems. The situations or the conditions favouring personal selling can be lumped into four broad categories namely, Market-Product-Consumer and the Company.

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