Success is any line of human activity is not ready-made. Certain amount of input is essential to have the output of higher degree of success. Very often, a question is asked as to what it takes for success in selling. The secrets of success in selling line can be outlined in terms of the varied experiences of successful salesman all over the world. The basic requirement for success can be as many as eight solid points. These can be called as the inputs for greater degree of success. These are:

Selling Factors

1. Love for selling

A successful salesman is one who loves selling, finds line exciting, thrilling and challenging. He is strongly convinced that the product or service being sold offers something great value to the community. A true salesman has a commitment to his product or service has this stable and trusts a source of self-confidence of success. It is the enthusiast for this selling work that pave the way.

2. Industriousness

Love for job is one thing that speaks of their interest in the job. More interest in a given line won’t take them to dizzy heights. Selling requires long hours of hard-work, day in and day out to reach their individual goals. Every night he goes to bed, has to think and plan for the next day’s work. It entails working on Saturdays and Sundays unlike others who are relaxing at week-end. A daily quota of at least ten to twelve hours of time investment and devotion is a must. It is the tolerance for hard work that gives the green signal for higher ups.

3. A strong desire to achieve

That way each of us has a desire to be successful. However, some persons have a much higher and stronger desire for success. Successful persons have a strong work ethic and a high need for striving hard for success by their very personality. One need come to the conclusion that a person loves his work, willing to be industrious and has a very strong desire to achieve and, he is going to be successful. It is because; the need to achieve involves persistence. Nothing in this world takes the place of persistence not even a talent or education. Persistence or determination alone is all the powerful.

4. An optimistic outlook


No other career needs more positive attitude than sales. Successful salesmen are enthusiastic and confident and constantly think of themselves as successful and always have a positive attitude towards their company –products- consumers-themselves and life. There are good many occasions that things do not go as they wish; yet it is their positive mental attitude that helps them to overcome periodic slumps. The philosophy of successful salesman it that he believes himself, thinks of success, enthusiastic while helping buyers and positive in his outlook. He has positive attitude towards himself, his work and the surrounding atmosphere. Optimism and hard work are the building blocks for success.

5. Knowledge ability

Successful salesman lays great emphasis on being thoroughly knowledgeable in all the aspects of his business. This helps him in building professional image and customer confidence. He gains a broad knowledge of his time through reading and keen of observation. The study is not forced one but a self- study. He keeps abreast of local, state national and international news. The products and services that he sells become more complex with changing times and therefore, he is to keep pace with these changes too. He acquires up-to-date ideas on selling skills. He is constantly educated on the methods of determining the customer needs on communicating effectively on product benefits to satisfy their needs. The knowledge he gains for effective sales presentation has to be rehearsed till it sound like a natural conversation- between himself and his prospect.

6. Care for valuable time

Another outstanding attribute of successful salesman is the careful use of time. Of the total day’s time, salesman plans his day’s time and uses it wisely through careful planning and weighing it for the specific purposes. Effective time management is a must. How many customers are to be called on-in what priority- what products are to be presented- all go a part of careful planning and judicious execution. Time, in terms of hours, is some for all. But is more valuable of less valuable for the individuals as to how they look at it. Busy schedule keeps him working on and has no chance to look at other things. A good salesman gets his best of every minute at his disposal.

7. Good listening

Successful salesman is one who talks less and listens more. He asks questions only to uncover prospect’s needs and lands his ears allowing the customers to answer his questions and bring to surface their needs. This marks the beginning of their sales talk. He shows and demonstrates his products and convinces about benefits that accrue to the users. It is this ability to identify and meet consumer needs that separates successful salesman from a mediocre. Provision of a service is a must to meet customer needs successfully. In short, a successful salesman is to be true to statement, “God gave you two ears and one mouth.” That is, he should talk less and listen more for his own good.

8. Service orientation


Establishment of lasting sales relationships with the customers is perhaps the most significant requisite of a successful salesmanship. Successful salesman respects him customer treats him fairly, develops a good working relations with his like a partner. Existence of such cordial relationship is evidence from the belief that customers have about their salesman who cares them and their welfare. He realizes the fact that a customer is an asset to business on which he can build his business empire. Customers come with needs and wants and deserve most courteous attention; customers are the life blood of business.

In a nut-shell, a person can be successful salesman through a company and a personnel training and by the proper application of his knowledge in the developing and by the proper application of his knowledge in the development of skills and abilities for benefiting the customers. He believes himself, his products and hard work; he wants to succeed and maintains a positive attitude towards himself and his work, he is knowledgeable, capable of planning and using time wisely, a good listener and one who provides service to his customers readily and willingly because he has a big stake in customers and their loyalty. Thus, success is a matter of outcome of basically good targeting, working very hard towards that target set and leaving the things to good luck too.