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Little known information on Organography and secondary growth

Little known information on Organography and secondary growth. Organography means the description of various organs of plants and animals. The external features of plant organs like stem, root, leaf, fruits, etc. Stem and root.

What do you mean by Secondary Group ?

Secondary groups may be defined as those associations which are characterized by impersonal or secondary relations. In every respect, they are opposite of primary groups.

Brief notes on primary and secondary data in statistics

Broadly speaking, there are two sources of statistical data-internal and external. Internal source refers to the information collected from within the organization. For example different organization and Government departments generate large volume of information.

What are the characteristics of Secondary Group in sociology ?

Secondary group is a large group in which a large number of persons come into indirect contact with one another. Sometimes these groups are called, “Special Interest Groups”., City, nation, political party, trade union etc. are the bright examples of secondary groups.

What is the importance of secondary group in sociology ?

Like primary group, secondary group is of special significance in modern society, and of which the large scale organisation is the most outstanding example. A secondary group is one which is large in size, such as, city, nation, political party, labour union etc.

What is the difference between Primary and Secondary Xylem?

The difference between Primary and Secondary Xylem are : Primary Xylem is primary in nature and is derived from procambium whereas secondary xylem is secondary in nature and is derived from fascicular and interfascicular cambium.

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