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What is the scope of the study of Botany?

What is the scope of the study of Botany? Scope is defined as a range of mat­ters that is dealt with or studied per­taining to a particular theme. Since early civilisation, man has been using plants for various purposes besides food, clothes and shelter.

Brief notes on the Scope of Health Education

Health education and social hygiene are rather vast’ terms. Authorities differ as to the proper content of at course in health instruction However; the course of instruction will normally include the different aspects of health education and hygiene.

Notes on the meaning and scope of Rural Sociology

The nomenclature ‘Rural Sociology’ indicates that it is the scientific study of Rural Society. Broadly speaking, it deals with the systematic study of Rural Society, its institutions, activities interactions, social change etc.

Everything you need to know about the scope of Sociology

Scope refers to a subject’s area or field of inquiry. Every science has its own areas of study or fields of inquiry. It becomes difficult for anyone to study a science systematically unless its boundaries are clearly demarcated or delimited and scope is determined precisely.

Brief note on the importance and scope of statistics

The importance of statistics in recent years cannot be over emphasized. The development in statistical studies has considerably increased its scope and importance. It is no longer regarded as the science of statecraft or a by-product of state administration.

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