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Reasons for the Growth of Popularity of Non-aligned Movement

Reasons for the Growth of Popularity of Non-aligned Movement. The non- aligned movement has grown in popularity and strength with the passage of time- This movement which started in the Asian Relations Conference held..

What are the main reasons behind Negative slope of the demand curve?

Some of the major reasons for this behavior of the demand curve, that is, of the normal law of demand, are listed below. One of the causes of downward sloping demand curve is provided by the law of diminishing marginal utility. We know that when a consumer buys additional units of a good, its marginal […]

10 obvious reasons for customers to reject buying your products

No one objects generally unless there is a reason or set of reasons for the same may be genuine or fake. Among other, the following can be more vivid and vibrant reasons for raising rejections on the part of any prospect. These are:

What are the reasons for the rapid adoption of technology ?

Sometimes a particular kind of technology spreads very fast. But in some cases it takes some time before it finds mass acceptance and use. For example, safety matches were discovered and produced in the middle of 19th century. But it took 70 years before these were widely used.

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