From what we have studied so far it is clear that one of the major factors leading to protein-energy malnutrition and the diseases related to it is the early weaning of child from breast milk. Now let us try to understand why a child is weaned from breast milk soon.

The important reasons for the early weaning are:

1. Frequent pregnancy:

A common reason for stopping breast feeding is the beginning of another pregnancy. There is wide spread belief that the milk of a pregnant woman is not good for her child/ Thus, the early arrival of the next child deprives the first child of mother’s milk.

2. Inadequate production of milk in the mother’s body:


Due to poverty, the mother may not be getting sufficient protein rich food and may not be able to yield sufficient milk.

3. In towns and cities where many women are doing jobs, the necessity or desire to return to the job may be one of the reasons for weaning.