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Keynes’ psychological law of propensity to consume explained

Keynes’ psychological law of propensity to consume explained.Consumption function or propensity to consume represents functional relationship between two aggregate i.e. total Consumption and total income. It indicates how consumption expenditure.

Brief notes on Psychological Motives

The psychological motives are also known as personal motives. These motives are personal in the sense that they are very specific to the person psychological make up of the individual.

15 Useful Psychological facts about Emotion

Emotion is the acute disturbance of the organism as a whole, psychological in origin involving behaviour, conscious experiences and visceral functions.

Learn the 7 Secret Psychological Qualities of a good Salesman

Psychological or mental qualities are much more important than the physical fitness for physical fitness does not guarantee mental sharpness. It is not to underestimate the physical qualities, but mental traits or facilities have upper hand in personality frame work.

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