Psychological or mental qualities are much more important than the physical fitness for physical fitness does not guarantee mental sharpness. It is not to underestimate the physical qualities, but mental traits or facilities have upper hand in personality frame work. Among the mental trans to be possessed by a good salesman are – amazing alertness, fertile imagination, rebounding resourcefulness, commanding confidence, equable enthusiasm, incising initiative and open observation.

1. Alertness:

Agile and alert salesman has a quick or fast clicking mind that helps him in. What to say ? how to say ? – how much to say ? on what occasion to say ? and how best to say ? and so on. An alert salesman is ready to meet any occasion, situation, case and eventuality. Mental agility is the source of thinking extemporaneously, new ideas and dashing demonstration with improvise.

2. Imagination:


Imagination does not mean day dreaming. It is the ability to originate ideas of value to the prospects. It is not poet’s imagination or ‘ivory tower’. It is fertile imagination which is rich and ripe that acts as tremendous source of assistance. It is the ability to see the difficulties and problems through the eyes of customers and devising the ways and means to solve them effectively. His imagination is customer oriented and if it is dramatic, it is adding copper to gold for extra shine and extra sturdiness.

3. Resourcefulness:

Resourcefulness and imagination are closely related. Resourcefulness is the quality which makes salesman more dependable and creative. Resourceful salesman is one who has never been defeated by his customers. He has not ‘no’ answer for all the questions of his customers. Resourcefulness alters the consumer preferences and results in impulse buying. It kills consumer resistance to a very large extent.

4. Confidence:


Fear of any kind is enemy of any one in this world. Salesman is no exception to this as he has the fear of competition, criticism, inexperience, bleak prospects and so on. However, fear is the key. Such fear is to be uprooted by confidence; self confidence is the off-spring of self-fault indeed to knowledge. Confidence is absence of difference and is the strong belief in himself, respect for his own capacities and powers. It is a motivating does that makes him witting and eager to meet any odd situation in the sales line. Confidence is the outcome of knowledge and experience. Optimistic and enthusiastic things tend to develop confidence in him, his products, his firm and prospects.

5. Enthusiasm:

Enthusiasm is the breadth and depth of curiosity one has. It is founded on belief and loyalty and belief is impossible without knowledge and hence, knowledge of good, firm, customer and sales techniques is the base for equable enthusiasm. It mages the work of a seller more pleasant and enchanting, the absence of which turns the work a drag or drudgery. It is a requisite for eloquence and foundation for effective sales presentation.

6. Initiative:


Like a bank balance, a salesman should have large balance of initiative at his disposal. It speaks of spontaneous feeling or urge to learn the tricks of his trade and secrets of his selling line. A person with inciting initiative is readily willing to get into actions as a sell-starter instead of being pushed. He takes lead in his work. Such a salesman is an apple of eye in the rank and file and a model for others as he is dependable. He relies on him, has his own plans and works uninterruptedly waiting for nobody’s instructions -Customers love him the way he cares them.

7. Observation:

A creative salesman is a keen observer. He observes the things and the people more closely, minutely, openly and meaningfully hunts the intent of finding something new. He observes and sizes as the delicate changes that are taking place. Such as tastes, fashions, styles, the activities of the rivals, strategies, political, economic and technological changes, cultural and ecological changes and what not. He has a clear cut and close up information of what is happening all around. He sizes customers by their dress and attire, facial expression, gestures, the language they speak, and is always ready to meet his needs.