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How to forecast Droughts ?

Droughts are a slow developing and creeping process as against floods, which are quick and rapid.As already mentioned, it is basically the scarcity (or absence) of rains that initiates a drought situation.

How to forecast Landslides, Avalanches and Forest Fires ?

The basic forecast in these events is that of rainfall (or snowfall) and strong winds but additional factors have to be kept in view. For landslides, the strength of the rock and any damage already occurred at ground have to be considered.

How to forecast cyclones ?

The system of forecasting cyclones is quite well developed. The weather forecasters (meteorologists) are able to detect the formation and subsequent movement of cyclones on weather charts that they prepare regularly based on observations of atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity and winds.

How to forecast and make strategies for your business ?

The projection of the present trend into future is called forecasting. This is the starting point or ingredient on which business bases its future courses of action. The forecasting process involves the following processes like:

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