How to forecast cyclones ?


The system of forecasting cyclones is quite well developed. The weather forecasters (meteorologists) are able to detect the formation and subsequent movement of cyclones on weather charts that they prepare regularly based on observations of atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity and winds. Simultaneously, they locate and track the cyclones through satellites and high power cyclone detection radar. The images of cyclone through satellite and radar enable a constant monitoring of the intensification or weakening of the cyclone.

Even then, forecasting of the movement of a cyclone and the place where it will hit the coast is a highly skilled task. Cyclones do not travel in straight lines. Their tracks are curved and they often make small loops as they go along. Cyclones do not move with the same speed all along their path. Sometimes they slow down or remain stationary or suddenly increase their speed. Therefore, a cyclone is kept under constant surveillance and the forecast is frequently updated – generally every hour and more frequently if considered necessary.


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