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What were Nehru’s views on Public Administration?

Nehru was a politician of superb order. He had very well felt the necessity of public administration to run the machinery of the country smoothly. His model of public administration is as follows:

Notes on the administration of family welfare programme in India

A separate Department of Family Welfare was created in 1966, in the Central Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The Secretary to the Government of India, in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is in overall charge of the Department of Family Welfare.

Need for transparency in public administration

Transparency in public administration would go to mean that any citizen of India either has a fundamental right or a statutory right to have access to information about state’s affairs.

What is the role of the local administration and authorities?

There is a Crisis Management Group (CMC) and a State Crisis Management Group [(SCMG) for dealing with matters relating to major natural calamities at the national and state level respectively. But at a local or district level, the Collector or Deputy.

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