Hundreds of crows lived on a tree outside the holy city of Varanasi. Their king and queen also lived on the same tree. The king was kind and considerate towards his subjects. He loved his queen dearly and tried to fulfill all her wishes. The king and queen went looking for food together.

One day, they flew near the palace of the king of Varanasi. The crow queen happened to see the king and the queen having their lunch. The royal cook was serving them. There was a variety of delicious dishes on their plates. She was tempted to eat such delicacies.

Next day, when the crow king called her to go looking for food, she said to him. “I am a queen and I also want the food that is served to the king and queen of Varanasi. I cannot eat those dirty worms anymore”. The king crow tried to appease her. But she had made up her mind and wanted to eat the royal food. The king crow got worried. There was no to enter the royal palace and get royal food for his queen. He sent for his chief minister and discussed the problem with him.

The chief minister of the crows was a very wise person. He said, “Your Majesty, you need not worry. I shall see what I can do. Our queen shall have the royal food today.


He took six other crows with him and flew to the royal palace. The cook was about to serve lunch to the king and the queen. He told the other crows, “When the cook takes the plates to the dinning room from the kitchen, I will scare him. The food will scatter on the floor. You should immediately fill your beaks with the delicacies and take them to our queen. Don’t wait for me”.

Just then, the cook came out with two plates in his hands. There were all sorts of delicacies on the plates. As he was crossing the courtyard, the chief minister of the crows pecked at his head. The cook got scared and the plates fell from his hands. Immediately, the six crows picked up the food in their beaks and flew back to their queen. The chief minister stayed back to see what happened to the cook. The king and the queen had been watching all this from the dinning room. They knew that the cook had not dropped the plates himself. The crow had made the drop the plates. The king ordered the crow to be caught.

The crow was caught and brought before the king. The said to him, “what made you steal food from my plate?” the chief minister replied, “Sir, I stole the food not for myself, but for my queen. The crow queen had seen the royal food being served to you. She wanted to taste the food. Therefore, I came here to take some food for her. I was just performing my duty. I have done my duty and I am not afraid of the punishment that awaits me”.

The king was impressed by his sense of duty and forgave him. He said, “Henceforth a plate will be laid for the king and the queen crow. It will be kept on the terrace of the palace. They can come and eat the royal food every day”.


The chief minister happily flew to his king and informed what the king of Varanasi had said. Thus, the queen got royal food everyday for rest of her life.